First MMTMD Complete!

Thank you to all that attended the first ever Mid-Michigan Testers Meet Down and made it a success!

We had 5 great Lightning Talks:

  1. Phil Kirkham (@pkirkham) with Value – And Cost – Of A Good Tester
  2. Erik Davis (@erikld) on Starting a User’s Group (Which I haven’t really yet.)
  3. Jess Lancaster with Testing in Education
  4. Wade Stevens (@gelgamek) on Lean Defect Reporting
  5. Clint Hoagland (@vsComputer) with From Waterfragile Toward Agile: Lessons Learned On An Evolving Team

And then a game of Battleship with Matt Heusser (@mheusser), giving us all something to think about with regards to the cost vs. benefit of automation.

Special thanks go out to TechSmith (@TechSmith, for their great volunteers, the use of their awesome space, and of course the never-ending beverages available.

Thanks also go to Association for Software Testing (@AST_News for sponsoring the event and providing for the food.

A recap of the announcements slide:

  • TUGSEM Tester User Group SE Michigan
  • GR Testers
  • Agile Conference, August 5-9, Nashville, TN
  • TestRetreat, August 24, Madison WI
  • CAST, August 26-28, Madison WI

Please watch this space, or follow us on twitter @MITestersMeet, for the possible next MMTMD!

MMTMD team:

Hilary Weaver (@g33klady)

Jess Lancaster

Matt Heusser (@mheusser)

Phil Kirkham (@pkirkham)


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